TOR's Companies


[The players] should discuss the circumstances that brought them together as a company of adventurers. The more detailed the description of the events that led to the characters’ setting off adventuring the better, as this will give the GM valuable story hooks to turn into adventures that directly link to the characters’ back-stories.

Or, as experienced players, we can introduce these things in the course of the game.

[The players should each] briefly introduce their heroes, making sure to mention how and why they arrived in Dale-town in the first place.

Each PC can nominate one other member of the group as their ‘Fellowship Focus’, whose wellbeing they are the most strongly motivated to look out for.

  • Each session that the Focus remains free of harm, the character(s) looking out for them can regain 1 Hope.
  • Hope spent on an action for the protection or benefit of the Focus may be immediately regained if that action is successful.
  • If the Focus is Wounded or <gasp> killed, the character(s) looking out for them accrue 1 Shadow.

Feel free to be creative with the reasons your character sees another as their Fellowship Focus. It may come from ties of family, longstanding friendship, kinship for a fellow countryman, or uncommon respect for their wisdom or nobility.
It needn’t be mutual, and multiple characters can have the same one as their Focus — as, for example, several of the LotR Fellowship of the Ring gave their greatest concern to keeping Frodo the Ringbearer in one piece.
As members of a newly-formed company, you may choose not to elect a Fellowship Focus if you prefer, and look to the unfolding of the group’s interaction before electing one at a later date.

Usually at the outset of the session, the players can/should have a brief conflab to define the short- to medium-term goal that is their ‘Company Objective’. This gets people’s motivations out in the open, and defines the measure against which the Loremaster will award the session’s XP.

TOR's Companies

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