TOR House Rules

For continuity with the ‘Desire of Dwarves’ featuring in the HârnMaster incarnation of this campaign, any Dwarf may substitute ‘Dragon-sickness’ for the Shadow-weakness normally associated with their Calling.

    Like a Helm can be discarded to recoup 3 Endurance, a Great Shield or regular Shield can be discarded to recoup 2/1 points.
    Elves have a “fairly elaborate system” of gestures, a “hwerme”(MR), especially of the hands, “which they use as comcomitants to speech and additions to tone-changes for the conveyance of feeling.” They made considerable use of this, “especially in oration or recitation.” (WJ pp.394,416) Onlookers could be forgiven for thinking the elves ue their hands to weave spells when they speak… ;-)

They also have, partially overlapping with this, a system of larger gestures more like a graceful semaphore that can be used in signalling to communicate at great distances – which their eyesight allows them to make far more efective use of than other peoples. (WJp. 416)

Dwarves also have a hwerme gesture-language of their own called iglishmek which can be used surreptitiously like RPGish ‘Thieves’ Signs’. I have innovated that these evolve quite a bit (where Khuzdul is famously unchanging and is shared by dwarves of all Seven Houses right across Middle-earth), and therefore exist in regional dialect forms. See my article in Other Minds 13.

Some dwarves can speak with Ravens (and crows)

Gandalf and Beorn can speak with bears

Gandalf can at least understand the speech of wargs (and wolves)

If not Skills, are these all to be either innate or purchased as Virtues…?
— Need to make more of them in the game.

    In Encounters with Loremaster-characters (NPCs) for whom the Common Speech of the Late Third Age is not their birth tongue or dialect, a spokesman addressing them in their own tongue or dialect may often earn the Company +1 Tolerance.
    Dwarves are supposed to be especially hard to dominate, ‘n to resist magic, ’n never become undead, etc. etc. I don’t think TOR covers that at all.
    So far I’m allowing Dwarves to use their higher score out of Valour or Wisdom on Corruption Tests, but I think this still needs more.

TOR House Rules

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