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THE TREASURE OF THE HOUSE OF DATHRIN – Index of the logs of the first adventure (HârnMaster)
In which Thorfin of the Dathrins assembles a company of Treasure-Seekers, they oust interlopers from the ruined Dathrin mansion and themselves uncover its ancient secrets, follow a riddle into the North Spur Mines where they defeat evil dwarves and a mighty monster, and finally unlock the vault and its treasures.

INTERLUDE: The Awakening of Framleiðandi’s Duck (The One Ring RPG, Adventures Over the Edge of the Wild )
In which Tóki the Toymaker, in the company of Hush of the Woodmen and a little hobbit called Sally Boffin, discovers morgûl sorcery in Dale-town.

In which three of the dwarves, with new companions, journey down eastern Mirkwood and rescue Tóki’s master from the lair of a lost race of ghastly foes.

In which they follow the faint clues left in the wake of their enemies’ sorcerous rituals

TOR’s Companies
TOR More Advancement Points
TOR House Rules

   The Iglishmêk sign language of the Dwarves
Dwarvish Timeline
The Kingdom Under the Mountain
Giant Armoured Moldewarp

  The Mountains of Mirkwood
  The Old Forest Road
  The Long Marshes

FATE RPG/Legends of Anglerre material

The seven dwarves 50 contrasty
Bofur Ironhand      Gymir, son of Snorri      Yngwi Sandstone      Toledur, son of Mankar
Toki the Toymaker      Thorfinn of the Dathrins      Fjiar the Firebeard

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Main Page

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