The Star of the Dathrins

A slender 'heptacle' worn on a neck-chain


An heirloom of the line of Dathrin retained since the days of Khazad-dum, it is a treasure of great worth, being inlaid with the magical moongleam (ithildin, as the elves name it), wrought from truesilver1 by magicks now lost. It occasionally glows with its own light when exposed to the night sky.

It is traditionally passed into the keeping of the heir of the line, and for the last three years, has been held by the young Thorfinn of the Dathrins.

1Mithril’ in the elvish tongue.


The Star is known to the Dathrins themselves to be more properly “The Star of Bavern”, having been made by Bavern himself, a noted loremaster of the last generation of dwarves in Khazad-dum – but whose name is not well-regarded by those who pore over the history of those dark days.

It glowed when touched to the mantel in the study of the Dathrin mansion, and proved to be the key to the secret mansion vault.

The Star of the Dathrins

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