Reginboga, The Mirror of the Dathrins

A Mirror stored in the Vault of Dathrin...


A mirror, found in a bag of black velvet sewn with many runes, inside the strongest chest in the Vault of the Dathrins.
The runes upon the frame of the mirror itself spell out the name, Reginbóga, which is “rainbow” in the Northron tongue used as the outer language of Durin’s Folk.
On being withdrawn from the bag it was seen to contain no reflection at all.

Reginbóga has the power of retaining everything that has ever been reflected in it, down the many millennia of its history. But the reflection displayed can be controlled only by the thoughts of a person who utters the command word, “Gimlu-nitîr” (the Khuzdul for “Star-kindler”, an epithet of Varda/Elbereth’s that, being Khuzdul, effectively limits it to dwarves-only).
Reginbóga spent much of its history shrouded, precisely in order to make it easier to pinpoint moments of significance. But its history is so long that it requires extended study to learn all that it has witnessed.

  • It can be used to take a perfect, permanent record of any view presented to it.
  • Replaying the view of a time when it was well-lit allows Reginbóga to be used as a permanent magical (fuelless, smokeless) light-source.
  • In darkness, this may be capable of blinding those exposed to it by surprise.

Reginboga, The Mirror of the Dathrins

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