The Falcon Axe of the Dathrins

A Great Axe with a single blade styled as a falcon's wing; the axe may be thrown

weapon (melee)

A Great Axe with a single blade styled as a falcon’s wing; the axe may be thrown

This is a continuity weapon gained in a previous homebrewed adventure (under HarnMaster rules).
Its powers — of being throwable at all, and still more of returning to the thrower — are not representative of Great Axes, of any Axe in TOR, or even of TOR’s Reward items. But additional Reward picks may be invested in it to discover/enhance/unlock further wonders.

Great axe 9 G 20 4 Axes Two-handed weapon.

Once per day the Falcon Axe may be thrown (5 + Body) yards as Short range, (10 + Body) as Medium and (20 + Body) as Long.
Arcs around in flight to return to the thrower’s hand given 20’ clearance around the target. Where more constrained spaces mean its tightest arc still causes it to strike a surface its flight ends and it tumbles to a halt under its normal momentum.
This daily power is recharged if the axe is reseated on the pedestal in the Treasure Vault of the Dathrins.


“The Falcon Axe of the Dathrins” is an heirloom of the line of Dathrin, dwarves of Durin’s Folk who mined gold and gems from the North Spur of the Lonely Mountain until the coming of Smaug. This bloodline is named for their forefather Dathrin (d. TA 2061) and the several scions who have borne the name since. Though little is known of their history before the time of Dathrin himself, who brought them out of Moria to escape the massacres of Durin’s Bane, the Falcon Axe was clearly forged in Moria, with art and skill now lost to Durin’s Folk.

The greater part of the Dathrins’ wealth eluded the dragon, Smaug the Golden (though he destroyed much of their mansion deep in the Lonely Mountain) as it lay in a secret vault elsewhere. The dragon never rested his foul bulk on their gold, and the Falcon Axe never graced the walls of his Great Hall.


The Dathrins secretly had their main treasury in a well-protected vault behind a hidden door in an anonymous stretch of mine-tunnel (a practice of the Moria dwarves reprised in the Lonely Mountain). “Falcon” was both one of the greatest treasures and the guardian of the vault. Poised on a pedestal, Falcon possessed the power to hurl itself in a looping arc about the vault, striking any interloper who set foot there before returning to the pedestal again.
But once its attacks were foiled by Thorfinn’s Company — the treasure-hunters recruited by Thorfinn, the young heir of the Dathrins — Falcon could be mastered by a firm grip upon its haft.

With the return of his House’s fortune, Thorfinn pronounced his former self-appointed ‘bodyguard’, Fjiar son of Mhutli, to be ‘captain of the household guard’ (however small a force that is). And he made the Falcon Axe the instrument of that post.

The Falcon Axe of the Dathrins

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