Yngwi Sandstone

Massive dwarf born to the Lonely Mountain, a talented storyteller-minstrel


Height: 5’5" !
Build: Massive
(But strength only normal.)

Handsome dwarf with a mighty and perfectly-modulated voice which only an elf could call unlovely.

He wears his blond beard forked into two straight tresses, but as an entertainer flamboyantly waxes his moustaches to stick right out to either side.

He usually dresses in smart but practical garb.


Yngwi was born on 9 Foreyule1 of the year 2953 of the Third Age, in the first generation born in the Lonely Mountain after the Death of Smaug in 2941.

His father was a journeydwarf blacksmith who took a contract to work in a distant land when Yngwi was young and his elder brother still only in his teens. Yngwi was a witness to tragedy when his mother died by drowning,2 and was traumatized by survivor guilt and an abiding fear of water.

Effectively orphaned and a ward of the state, it was only after some years that Yngwi heard his father had died abroad. He grew up as a child of the Lonely Mountain, with the nation of the Longbeards as his family.3

Yngwi’s great size marked him out as a particular individual, but it was his winning manner and the great quality of his voice that set his path in life. Frequenting the tavern-halls, he was an avid student of the tales of the Longbeards and the traveller-dwarves from far-flung lands. He had a great gift of song, and became apprenticed to a dwarven minstrel. Many tales he learned, and the making of music with lute and drum and horn. Most folk in the Mountain know him and hold him in good regard, and few of his age are as well-connected as he.

Then one day Thorfinn arrived in Dale, seeking assistance in an effort to reclaim the treasure of his family’s fallen mansion.4 Toki the Toymaker introduced them and Yngwi, sensing a tale of great deeds in the offing, threw in with the high-born young dwarf. He helped in recruiting the others who were to gain fame in Thorfinn’s company: Bofur Ironhand, Content Not Found: toledr-son-of-mankar, Fjiar the Firebeard and Gymir son of Snorri, the white dwarf.

“And the rest,” as Yngwi Sandstone the Minstrel likes to say, “is history”:

1 i.e. ~9 December
2 We should detail this. Was it in the River Running, in a canal of Dale, or in some waterwork of the Lonely Mountain itself? Or was there an accident that caused a tunnel-flood?
3 With few dwarflings his age in the Mountain there would be no institution to care for orphans; the authorities would have found someone to raise him as a foster-son, and we need to detail this.
4 As detailed in Thorfinn’s character history.

We still need to know a little more about Yngwi’s elder brother and their relationship.

Yngwi Sandstone

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