Thorfinn of the Dathrins (FATE RPG)

Longbeard noble, bright inheritor of the crumbled Hall of the Dathrins


FATE RPG describes characters in broad strokes with three types of characteristics: their CAPABILITIES (or “Skills”, in fact covering both stats and skills), their EDGES (or “Stunts”, feats, specials) and their ASPECTS (versatile descriptors that can be powered by Fate Points to help or hinder in different situations).
You start play with: 15 pts of CAPABILITIES (as listed on the Blank Character Sheet), a 3, two 2s and 6 1s, 3 EDGES and 6 ASPECTS.

These are the most characterful points I have gleaned from Thorfinn’s HarnMaster character sheet, from which the majority of his characteristics might be drawn.

Cousin of the King of the Longbeards ASPECT. Giving social advantages not represented by Contacting, Leadership or Resources.
Highly intelligent CAPABILITY. (Almost peripheral to his skill selection in HM!) The Lore capability for education.
Highly principled This can be ASPECT gold.
Keen sense of smell and taste ASPECT. (not yet featured in play)
Grating voice (might be a reason he’s not big in Rapport, or Art/Performance for speeches
Low Willpower points away from advancing Resolve
Barking of orders CAPABILITY: Regardless of the low will, he’s shown a talent for facing enemies down, which would be points in Intimidation
Freaks out when shot at ‘Suboptimal’ ASPECT; harvest those Fate Pts!
Big feller — 5’0" and heavily built. CAPABILITIES. Grounds for pts in Endurance, Might
Trained warrior (incl. axe and shield) ASPECT. Should ensure an Aspect references this; could invest in several EDGES here too. NB. that combat training in HM gives you your Initiative; in FATE this is done on the CAPABILITY: Alertness (and which correlates with a good HM Int).
Greatsword-wielder ASPECT and/or EDGE. Could be advanced as a signature weapon
Full scale-armour EDGE: Armour-Training
Treasure of the Dathrins CAPABILITY: Resources. Whilst much went to repay creditors in the Iron Hills, you did regain a dwarf-house’s hoard; Potentially major Resources feature (but could be deemed not free cash but all tied up in obligations, rebuilding the Mansion, refloating the mining operation etc.
.. ??? … FUTURE ASPECT’ Thorfinn seems a guy with goals. Consider a ‘Future Aspect’ for the next project
The Star of Bavern ASPECT. Your pendant was the key to the vault in the family mansion: the Hall of Dathrin. And there’s more… ;-)
The previous party EDGE. Anyone who’s not being played could be bought as an Edge (assoc. w. Resources or Contacting) allowing you to use them as a Companion NPC, esp. Ralph’s axe-prodigy, or Tim’s surreptitious albino.

Thorfinn was born in the Iron Hills in TA 2952, a younger grandson of King Nain III (who had died at the Battle of Azanulbizar in TA 2799). He is therefore a cousin-once-removed of Dain Ironfoot, the current King Under the Mountain himself.

When their father died whilst Thorfinn and his younger sister were still in their minority,1 they became wards in their uncle’s household. But on coming of age, Thorfinn arrogantly declined the dull junior role offered him by the officers of the King, resolving instead to make his own name.
   He vowed to resurrect the fortunes of the House of Dathrin, to which he was now the heir in his own right on his mother’s side.

For over 200 years everyone had presumed the wealth of their house lost with the Coming of Smaug in TA 2770. Thorfinn’s uncle, his mother and all the greybeards were agreed that any treasure that had not been seized by the dragon when he demolished their mansion must have been hidden so secretly and so safely that, with the secret of its location long lost, none might now hope to regain it.
   But it was now or never. Thorfinn had learned that King Dain was soon to issue a call for ‘expert treasure-seekers’ to salvage any wealth of the old Kingdom that might still lie lost within the Mountain. Half of all treasure trove would be owed to the Crown, but the treasure-seekers would be allowed to keep the other half of anything they retrieved. The original owners would receive nothing. But Thorfinn believed that with luck and ability beyond the measure of other dwarves, he might yet retrieve the hoard of his forefathers.
   InTA 2988 Thorfinn journeyed to the Lonely Mountain, where he was reacquainted with Toki the Toymaker.2 Though Thorfinn could offer them no payment, he gathered to his cause a band of young dwarves willing to join him in the hope of receiving their due if the venture succeeded.
   And the rest, as the minstrels say, is history: THE TREASURE OF THE HOUSE OF DATHRIN
1 When Thorfinn was how old? And in what circumstances?
   Given the lack of further younger sibs, which dwarves tend to have about 10 years apart, this was ‘probably’ some time in Thorfinn’s sister’s first decade, making him somewhere between 10 and 20. (Dwarves attain their majority at around 30.)
2 We originally just said ‘they knew each other’. This could be explained in more detail.

Thorfinn of the Dathrins (FATE RPG)

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