Marion Ursaris


You tower above most of your folk.

You often appear taciturn and surly; the truth is that you have little patience in dealing with others, and prefer to keep to yourself rather than indulge in conversations of little consequence. To some, your abruptness is a sign of your reliability.

All player-heroes are considered to be able to speak the Common Speech at least at an acceptable level of fluency, in addition to their own native language(s).
The cradle speech of the Beornings is ‘the Vale of Anduin tongue’ — an old form of the Common Speech, closely related to Dalish.


Voice from the Past
The elders and ancient warriors of your tribe spend the long evening hours talking in front of the hearth, on the stepped dais of the main hall. To the young and restless, their soft speaking may seem idle talk, but you loved to listen to their wise words as they exchanged tales and songs, as old as the intricate images wound around the wooden pillars of the hall. One day you might well end up adding your own words to the songs of your folk, strengthening the bonds of tradition.

You came to the ‘calling’ of a Warden:
In this age of the world where shadows grow deeper with every passing year, you have sworn to defend all who cannot defend themselves. Often your choice forces you to forsake civilised areas, to better guard their inhabitants from what lurks right outside their fences. This had made you a stranger in the eyes of the common folk, a threatening figure like those you are protecting them from.

Marion has told Yngwi that she came through Mirkwood to Dale-town alone.

Beornings are typically (NPCs) prejudiced against dwarves.

Marion Ursaris

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