Woodman herb-gatherer of the Wilds and foe of the Shadow


“They used to call me the Wild Child, but now they call me Hush…”
Orphaned in childhood, the Wild Child was a thorn in the side of the Woodman community at Rhosgobel under the western eaves of the great forest of Mirkwood. When mischief was done they knew who was behind it, but the elusive Wild Child was never anywhere to be found. Then the wizard, Radagast the Brown, took an interest in her and she become one of those whom he taught much lore of the living things of Middle-earth, and she developed a particular gift for finding things, which Radagast put to good use in having her forage after the rarest herbs of the forest to bring back for the weal of the community, repaying their former patience many times over.

She took up the calling of a warden:
In this age of the world where shadows grow deeper with every passing year, she swore to defend all who cannot defend themselves. Often her choice forces her to forsake civilised areas, to better guard their inhabitants from what lurks right outside their fences. This has made her a stranger in the eyes of the common folk, a threatening figure like those from which she protects them.


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