Fjiar the Firebeard

Lightning-fast double axe-wielding Firebeard Dwarf of the Iron Hills


Fjiar is a Firebeard dwarf, whose fathers dwelt with the Longbeards of Durin’s Folk in Moria, in Khazad-dum, for thousands of years before all the dwarves had to abandon that mansion. But the ancient traditions of the dwarves do not fade with years, and the Firebeards still retain their own identity.

Background: A Lesson in Revenge
Your grandfather never relented in his hunt for the troll chief from the Grey Mountains who killed his wife. Leading you along dim underground passages, he told you much about the cruel ways of the most brutish servants of the Shadow and how to fight them. His words scared you when you were young and haunted your dreams, but now that you have started down the road to adventure you begin to see the value of his advice.

Calling: Slayer
You family suffered a terrible loss at the hands of trolls. You have become an adventurer to bring home your forefathers’ curses upon the one who wronged you, and because you cannot lead the settled craft-life of other dwarves if that gives such monsters the freedom of the rest of Middle-earth.
Yours is a difficult path to tread, as the sufferings of your kin makes it hard for you to give your trust to anybody.

Fjiar the Firebeard

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