Ecthelon the Wood-elf


- Folk of the Dusk -

…the Wood-elves lingered in the twilight of our Sun and Moon but loved best the stars; and they wandered in the great forests that grew tall in lands that are now lost.

While fond of the Sun, the Elves of Mirkwood find themselves at greater ease under moonlight or starlight, or among the shadows of a forest; their senses are keener, their motions exceedingly sure and graceful.

  • When an Elf of Mirkwood is inside a forest or under the earth, or it is night, all his Attribute bonuses are based on his favoured rating.

The keenness of your eyesight surpasses that of most folk.

You are always mindful of your surroundings, and observant of the speech and behaviour of strangers.

The Common Tongue (Westron)
MAIN LANGUAGE: Grey-elven (Sindarin)
SECONDARY LANGUAGE: Woodland Elvish (called Bethteur or Nandorin in Sindarin)
The Silvan Elves used to speak an original Woodland tongue, but are gradually embracing the use of Sindarin.



‘Memory of Suffering’
A long time ago, Elves akin to your folk dwelt around the Naked Hill in the south of Greenwood the Great, before the Necromancer claimed it to build his fastness of sorcery. Now that the Shadow had fled, you have often journeyed there to spy upon that dreaded place, to ponder on the hurt suffered by your people in many years of cruel warfare. Many of your kinsmen prefer to forget and be merry, but you know that evil is seldom conquered forever.

You have lived most of your life in the Woodland Realm, the portion of Mirkwood north of the Enchanted River. Despite being far from a courtier, you have visited the Halls of Thranduil the Wood-elf King on at least two occasions.

You came to the calling of a ‘Scholar’:

For you, knowledge makes the wild world a less threatening place to live in. Strangers become friends if addressed properly, yellowed maps in lost books replace a fear of the unknown with curiosity and wonder of places you have yet to explore, songs compsed in ages past strengthen the weariest of hearts. A love of learning guides your every step, and illuminates the way for you and those who listen to your advice.

The name “Ecthelon” takes a form from the High-elvish of the Elder Days, meaning “the point” — typically having referred to a spearpoint. In the Grey-elven tongue most spoken by the Elves of Mirkwood, it would translate as the emphatic “I am the point of the spear”.

Ecthelon is a young Elf, 153 years old. He lived on the Northern Fringes of Mirkwood and had led a peaceful existence until the Battle of the Five Armies.
   Before the battle, he was an ambitious scholar: specialising in strange flora and fauna, such as can be found in Mirkwood.
   He responded to the call of Thranduil and marched forth as an archer in the Elven Army. During the siege he became enamoured of the unusual terrain around the Lonely Mountain and spent his spare time searching out and documenting the local flora/fauna. In the battle he fought bravely against the enemy and suffered serious wounds on his left arm when he was savaged by a Warg. Although he recovered, the scarring reminds him of the perils of battle.
   Returning to Mirkwood, he found it hard to resume his previous life as a scholar of Mirkwood. In his dreams he often found himself wandering the hillsides of the Lonely Mountain searching for evidence of the strange plants that he had heard of (and seen in some cases) from the men of Dale during the siege.
   Eventually, he decided to leave Mirkwood and travel via Dale-town back to the Lonely Mountain where he could continue his exploration until such time as he was satisfied with the results.
   In Dale-Town he bumped into Toki, etc… and decided that it might be advantageous to help the dwarves since they might be helpful to him later in his explorations of the Lonely Mountain.

Ecthelon the Wood-elf

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