zDead Captain Beil

Big bad Iron Hills dwarf leader of a 'mercenary' band, little better than a brigand


A big dwarf of Durin’s Folk originally from the Iron Hills, ‘Captain’ Beil is a battle-hardened warrior and veteran campaigner who professes himself a captain of mercenaries. His dark beard is badgered with grey and he sports several scars. Most strikingly he wears an eyepatch over his right eye.

History has revealed him at one time leading a band of brigands waylaying travellers and merchants upon the Great Road that runs north of the Iron Hills, and at others leading no one but a crew of hastily-hired local thugs.


First encountered by Fjiar the Firebeard who has nothing good to say for him, but hasn’t gone into detail of how their paths crossed.

Encountered by Thorfin’s Company in the Gold Hush Tavern, then standing as chief bodyguard to Foron son of Jidli. Accosted by Fjiar, who had the better of the run-in.

Not present when Foron was next encountered as an intruder in the Hall of the Dathrins (where Dwîm and Dwîma were ‘bodyguarding’ Foron) and not found in Dale or the Lonely Mountain when Thorfin’s Company informed the authorities against him, following events in the North Spur Mines.

Encountered the following month by Tóki the Toymaker, Salvia ‘Sally’ Boffin of the Southfarthing and Hush in the Docks Bow drinking hall, where Dwîm and Dwîma were again present.

zDead Captain Beil

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